Paint Evolves and should continue to EVOLVE!

Regent Paints Collection Recycling Program

Offers the most convenient and environmentally-friendly way for anyone to dispose of any unused or unwanted latex paint. Simply bring any containers of unused or unwanted latex paint to any one of our numerous local Regent Paints Collection Recycling Program collection centers, and we do the rest!

What becomes of Recycled Paints ?

100 % of all paint we collect will become recycled and renewed.

Some paint is reprocessed into new products, such as recycled paint or concrete, and some paint is sent to charitable organizations who re-blend it and make it available to many under-funded communities in the USA and abroad. All containers are sent to specified, environmentally-friendly industries for recycling.

Paint, as a product, is chemically-friendly, UNLESS
it comes in direct contact with the environment due to improper disposal.

Did you know ?

That Illinois households alone use an estimated 12.7 million gallons of paint per year, producing 1.4 million gallons of waste ?

That dumping Latex Paint down the drain adversely affects our water supply and can cause water-treatments to be more costly and less effective ?

That it is estimated, across the country, the average household has 3-5 gallons of unused or unwanted paint available for disposal?

Recycling one gallon of paint could save 13 gallons of water, 1 quart of oil, and 250,000 gallons of water pollution, 13.74 pounds of CO2,save enough energy to power the average home for 3 hours, or cook 6 meals in a microwave oven, or blow dry someone's hair 27 times ?

Regent Recycling Dollar(s)

When you recycle your unused or unwanted paint with Regent Paints, Inc.,you can earn our exclusive "Regent Recycling Dollar(s)" that can be utilized toward the purchase of products from Regent Paints Inc.. We are the only Paint-Recycling program in the country with reimbursement, via Regent Recycling Dollar(s), offered in exchange for your recyclable paint ! This exclusive Regent Recycling Dollar(s) exchange program is offered at every one of our numerous collection locations among many affiliates.


You can easily utilize these vouchers toward the purchase of any Regent Paint product !

Recycling Programs

Ever since recycling programs have began, the issue regarding the costs associated with the recycling of paint have been a matter of concern. By introducing our exclusive Regent Recycling Dollar(s) program, we are taking a step toward making the process of recycling paint more viable and cost-effective. With our exclusive initiative of Regent Recycling Dollar(s), in exchange for all unused or unwanted paint distributed to our collection sites, we are making the entire recycling process rewarding and beneficial.

We can collect from any location.

Organizations of all types, along with the average person, can easily bring us all of their unused and/or unneeded containers of paint:

Buildings under construction/after construction is completed/Homeowners/Renters/Professional Residential and/or Commercial Painters

Counties/Offices/Municipalities/Government Buildings/Industries/Warehouses -- EVERYONE!